Below are commonly asked questions and answers that have been sent to GAA Football E-mail.  We wanted to share the information so that your concerns are addressed before registration.

Q: When are the 2022 Registration dates for the Football Season?

A: ONLINE registration will be open Saturday, March 12th thru Saturday, June 11th.


Q: When are the Paperwork Drop-Off Dates?

A: 1st Paperwork Drop-Off - Saturday, March 12th // 2nd Paperwork Drop-Off - Saturday, May 14th


Q: Where do I need to go to drop-off my player's paperwork on March 12th or May 14th?

A: Bay Creek Park - 175 Ozora Road, Loganville, GA 30052 – Football Field – Press Box Side


Q:  What does the registration fee cover?

A:  (1) Custom game jersey / (1 Set) helmet decals / (1) pair of game pants (without pads) / (1) belt / (1) trophy at the end of the season

      * Spirit fee to cover team expenses and spirit events (i.e. pep rallies, end of season banquet for players & player’s gift)

      * Supplemental Insurance.


Q:  Are there additional items that must be purchased?

A:  Yes, each player will need the following items:  practice pants • practice jersey • shoulder pads • pads for pants • VEGAS GOLD ONLY helmet with DARK GREEN facemask • football girdle and pads to protect the lower body that is needed for the game day pants


Q:  Where can I purchase my player's helmet?

A:  A suggestion is that IF you need to purchase your player a new helmet, to do so directly from the vendor of your choice – Riddell, Schutt, Xenith. PLEASE order your player's helmet months in advance if at all possible. Usually, helmets are in high demand in the Spring season, which could possibly cause shipping delays.


Q: What additional paperwork do I need to present at the time of registration?

A:  * NEW players at GAA must present a birth certificate (with a raised seal) for certification at the time of registration as well as provide a copy.

      * A sports physical is needed for each player to participate:

      -- Submit an original GFL Physical Form completed by a physician

** CLICK HERE for the 2022 GFL Physical form



Q:  Football equipment is costly, is there used equipment available?

A:  GAA Football does not store or keep used equipment due to liability and space issues.


Q:  I have not had a chance to get a physical for my child, when do I need to have the physical turned in?

A:  All documentation/paperwork must be turned in prior to the player entering the football field for evaluations.


Q:  With so many close-by associations and some coaches moving around to other associations, does it really matter where my child plays football?

A:  Your child would have a competitive advantage for Grayson high school in later years.  The GAA football program is aligned with the high school offense and defense, as are many other associations.  It has been witnessed many times at the older levels and high school that GAA players have the competitive edge for positions already knowing the system and drills from the 8th grade and up.  Bottom line is we highly encourage children to sign up for their youth associations aligned with their high school they are going to attend.


Q:  I have more than one child wanting to play football, do I get a discount?

A:  A discount for multiple child participation in the same sport/activity will be deducted from the registration fee in 10% increments based on each additional child.  Example, 2nd child is 10% discount, 3rd child is 20% discount, and 4th child is 30% from the total cost of registration.


Q:  What if my child changes his mind and decides he does not want to play, how do I get a refund once I have registered?

A:  The refund policy for the Grayson Athletic Association is there is no registration refunds allowed in any sport or activity.  Exceptions may be made by the GAA Executive Board.
**NO REFUNDS will be given for player registrations should there be a 2022 GFL Season
**IF the 2022 GFL Season gets canceled due to COVID-19, refunds will be issued minus uniform costs.


Q: When are evaluations for the 2022 Fall Football Season?

A: July 13th


Q: Are evaluations mandatory, does my player have to attend?

A: Yes


Q: When does practice start for the 2022 Fall Football Season?

A: The first day of practice is…Ages 6-12 is Monday, July 18th // 8th graders is Wednesday, July 13th


Q:  What is the attire for the first 3 days of practice, which is mandatory conditioning?



Q: Do I have to come to every practice?

A: Yes, we ask that parents remain at ALL practices in case of an emergency.


Q: How often will my child practice?

A: The first two weeks of practice the boys will practice Monday thru Friday for two hours in the evening. During the regular season practice will be 3 days per week plus game on weekend.


Q: Who is required to pay admission to each game?

A: GFL requires all parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends, and visitors to pay an admission fee to each game – Discount for Grandparents and Students.


Q: Does my child have to be present at the drive-thru paperwork drop-of to get sized for his jersey and pants?

A: THIS IS BEST...Our uniform vendor WILL be present on March 12th, but players will NOT be allowed to physically try on uniforms. Our vendor will be present for anyone that is unsure & needs guidance. Again, NO ONE will be allowed to physically try on a uniform…This will be a CONTACT-LESS fitting.

**PLEASE NOTE ** You are responsible for submitting CORRECT uniform sizes for your player. If wrong uniform sizes are submitted GAA is NOT responsible and will NOT cover the cost to replace the incorrectly sized item.


Q: How can I size my player?
A: Click here to view the JERSEY sizing chart // Click here to view the PANTS sizing chart


Q: What type of cleats does my player(s) need?

A: Molded plastic cleats ONLY, not metal. Metal cleats destroy artificial turf and can potentially be dangerous to other players on the field.