Anita McKnight - Director -

 Candace Colegrove - Asst. Director-

 We are in need of the following positions for the GAA Football Cheerleading Board.  If you are interested in one of these positions, please fill out the Coach's Application and indicate what position you would like to serve.  Thank you!

Team Parent Coordinator:

Responsibilities would include having a team parent meeting prior to the year, distributing info to team parents, etc.

Camp Coordinator:

Responsibilities would include:  getting half time music from coaches (and approving it), gets list of high school helpers from coaches, communicates with the high school the music and helpers and assist in getting judges for evaluations

Uniform Coordinator:

Responsibilities:  getting a tally of the pieces and what needs to be ordered, and coordinating coaches orders.

Hospitality Coordinator:

Responsibilities:  in charge of getting volunteers to work hospitality suites for Jamboree, playoffs, etc

Cheer Off Coordinator:

Responsibilities: contact gyms to get quotes, coordinate with coaches to be sure everyone meets deadlines.  Approves cheer off music

Birth Certificate and Youth Night Coordinator:

Responsibilities:  Filing all birth certificates and checking to be sure we have one on file for every cheerleader.  Coordinating with the high school the logistics for  youth night.

Financial Coordinator:

Keeps track of all funds coming in or out for cheerleading, collects money from coaches for clothing, distributes and collects money from GFL raffle tickets, collects money for other misc. items and delivers to GAA Treasurer (This position does not involve the actual checking account – the GAA Treasurer is in charge of that.)