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GAA Basketball Rules & Regulations 


Revised 07/19 

General Rules 

The Georgia High School Association Rules will be the guideline for GAA Basketball. However, there are age-specific rules in play for the Grayson Basketball league published within this document. These playing rules can be changed or updated at any time by the basketball board, without approval from the Grayson Athletic Association Executive Board. Grayson Basketball rule exceptions take precedence over GHSA. When a rule is not specifically stated within the GAA Basketball Operational Guideline & Rules, GHSA Rules will apply.


Number of Players required to start a game

Normally a game shall begin and be played with 5 players from each team on the court. In the event that a team has less than 5 players to start a game, 4 players will be allowed to start for official play. It is not required for the other team to comply and only start 4 players. If a team has less than five players at game time, a five-minute grace period will be given before starting the game. If a team has fewer than four players present after five minutes have passed on the game clock, the game will be declared a forfeit.


There will be a minimum of one referee for each game in all leagues.

Post Season Tournament

At the end of the regular season, there will be a single-elimination tournament for each age group. Teams will be seeded for the tournament based on their rankings after the regular season. In the event of two team’s record being the same, the first tie-breaker will be head-to-head results with the second tie-breaker being random draw.

Time Outs and Halftime


Regulation Game          2 x 45 Seconds Time Outs with no carryover to 2nd Half


Halftime                        5 Minutes


Overtime                       1 x 45 Second Time Out


There will be a two-minute break between quarters and over-time and a five-minute break between halves.


In every age group, each team is allowed 4 total timeouts consisting of two (2) forty-five second time outs per half. If a coach calls a time out and play is stopped, when there were no more timeouts remaining, a technical foul will be called by the official.


Team will have one (1) forty-five second time out regardless of timeouts remaining during overtime play. (Timeouts do not carry over).


Technical Fouls


The following guidelines may be applicable to determine disciplinary action toward coaches and/or players that receive technical fouls during the season:


Two (2) technical fouls on a coach or player will result in an automatic ejection. Any individual who has been ejected from the game will be required to leave the gym immediately.  In the event a player, coach or spectator is ejected from the game, that individual will be required to miss the next scheduled game.  The individual is required to appear before the Board to discuss the disciplinary action which may allow for a reduction in the required penalty.  Multiple ejections will result in expulsion from the remainder of GAA Basketball season.  Disciplinary actions are at the discretion of the Board.  All technical fouls must be recorded in the official scorebook and reported to the Director of Basketball. Excessive technical fouls in a season may be subject to disciplinary action.




One two-minute overtime period will be played in the event the game ends in a tie after a regulation play during the regular season games. During overtime, the clock will run continuously for the first minute and during the final minute will stop on all whistles. If the overtime period ends in a tie, the game will be considered a tie for both teams. No additional overtime periods will be played during the regular season. Overtime rules during tournament play will be two minute periods until a winner is decided.


Mercy Rule


In the event a team is leading by 20 points or more going into or during the fourth quarter, the clock will continue to run until the lead has been decreased to 15 points or less. 


Game / Practice Cancellation


GAA Basketball will follow the Gwinnett County School policy for school closing, early school closure or release of classes due to inclement weather Monday through Friday by automatically canceling all games and practices that are scheduled that day and subsequent days, if necessary. Saturday and Sunday cancellations will be at the discretion of the Board and will be final.  Any such cancellations will be posted on the Basketball website at  Canceled games or practices may not be made up.




GAA Basketball Board expects its coaches to abide by good sportsmanship when a team is clearly dominating a game. If a team is ahead by more than 20 points, the GAA Basketball Board expects the winning coach to show good sportsmanship with the players he/she chooses to play. The GAA Basketball Board will periodically review games where a team wins by more than 25 points. If the GAA Basketball Board believes good sportsmanship was not exhibited, the coach will be called before the GAA Basketball Board to state their case. Disciplinary actions include warnings and possible suspension.


Concussion Observation Rules


Any player, during the games or practices, who hits their head on a hard surface, such as the floor, or collides between player involving the head, knee or elbow, the player must be substituted and sit down on the bench for a minimum of 2 minutes’ observation. During the time, the player needs to be evaluated for any sign of a concussion. Furthermore, the head coach needs to keep a close eye on the player for the rest of the game, after his/her return.


If any sign of a concussion is observed, the player must not return back to the practice or game. The player needs to be taken to hospital by parents, for professional/medial evaluation of concussion


Zero Tolerance Policy


GAA Basketball strongly supports a safe and fun playing environment, and we adhere to a “Zero Tolerance Policy” when it comes to the abusive nature of the conduct. GAA Basketball board will access each situation and will determine disciplinary action, up to permanent suspension from the league. This “zero-tolerance policy” is in addition to the GAA Code of Conduct Rules. Deliberate fouls or intentional violations will be reviewed by GAA Basketball Board and may be imposed to an additional disciplinary action other than the guidelines listed below.


Technical Fouls


  • Player using abusive language
  • Player shouting on a shot (Bench Technical)
  • Player engaging arguments with spectators
  • Judgment Call up to Automatic Ejection & Suspension
  • Intentional & Flagrant Foul


Automatic Ejection & 3 Games Suspension


  • Player throwing punch during or after a play is dead.


6 Games Suspension


  • Player engaging in an altercation after the game


Season Suspension


  • Coach engaging in an altercation (on or off the court)




All protest during the regular season must be submitted in writing to the League Director and Director of Basketball within 24 hours of the game in question. During tournament playoffs, the protest must be submitted in writing to the League Commissioner and Director of Basketball within 2 hours of the completion of the game in question.  Protests on judgment calls will not be accepted.  The protest must clearly state the reason for the protest and must be accompanied by $50 in cash.  If the protest is upheld, the money will be returned and the appropriate action will be awarded at the discretion of the Director of Basketball. If the protest is denied, the money will be placed in the Association’s treasury. 


Coach Selection & Responsibilities


Application Process


GAA and the Basketball Program are completely staffed by volunteers. Youth Basketball in the Grayson Community will not be possible without you. Prospective Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and League Directors must register online using the Basketball Coaches Application Tab. Online registration is open at the same time as player online registration. If you would like to be a Team Mom or just offer to help in any way, please indicate such when registering your athlete.


Selection Process


Selection of head coach position consists of; coaching experience, playing experiences, feedbacks, technical fouls, demonstration of commitment to the players and parks/community, physical interview, and previous coaching experiences in GAA Basketball and prospective age league at the other parks. The selection of head coach, assistant coach and team mom is sole discretion of the GAA Basketball Board and reserves the right to reject any application/selection. Assistant Coaches and Team Moms are discretion and responsibility of the Head Coach.


Background Checks


All coaches and league directors are subject to a criminal background check. Please fill out the application properly; incomplete applications may disqualify you from a coaching position. Should background checks reveal any information that may be considered an issue, the GAA Basketball Board reserves the right to reject coaching applications.




All head coach volunteers are responsible for attending league meeting (if league director sets coaches meeting), player evaluation, GAA Coaches Meeting, draft, practices & games, picture day and any other requirement set forth by GAA Basketball. All head coaches are also responsible for assigning assistant coaches and team mom for the team, organize practices, communicate with team player & parents, reporting scores, and any other activities that require the team to effectively and efficiently go through the seasons.


Player Participation Rules

Each player must play a minimum of 16 minutes per game, equivalent to two full quarters. This can be accomplished by playing two full quarters or by playing four 4:00 minute periods. A player cannot accomplish the minimum playing time requirement by any other means. To assist with the rotation of players, the game clock will be stopped at approximately the 4:00-minute mark during each quarter to allow for substitutions. Once a player has entered the game at the beginning of a quarter or at the 4:00-minute mark, that player cannot be taken out of the game via substitution for the remainder of that 4:00 minute period. However, once a team has met the minimum play level for all players, they may substitute at any normal stoppage of play per Georgia High School Athletic Association rules.

Every player MUST leave the game for a minimum of at least one (1) four (4) minute period unless the team has only five (5) players. No player may play the entire game, unless another player has been removed from the game due to injury, foul trouble or ejection, leaving the team with only five (5) players. Late arriving players must still play two full quarters, if time permits. 

The intent of this rule is to allow each player to participate in each game as much as possible. If properly protested by another coach, violation of this rule will result in a forfeit for the violating team. Subsequent violation of this rule may result in suspension and/or dismissal of the responsible coach. The official scorekeeper should note periods played to help ensure adherence to this rule.

A player must play a minimum of 16 minutes unless the player is injured or has four fouls and is removed at the coach’s discretion.


The exceptions to this rule of participation are as follows;


  • Player is injured or become ill
  • Player has 2 fouls in 1st quarter, 3 fouls in 2nd quarter, 4 fouls in 3rd quarter
  • Player has been disciplined by the official or parent
  • Player arriving at a game after the start of the second quarter (then, player is not required to play one full quarter, but must meet the equivalent of one quarter playing time)
  • GAA Basketball Board approved reduction in playing time participation to practice is required and consented by parents during registration process. Excessive absences from practices affect building cohesive team. Coach is permitted to follow procedure for reporting excessive absences and allowed to grant reduction in player playing time.


1)         If a coach determined player is having excessive absences from

practices, and affecting team practices / building cohesive team,

coach must notify parents first.

2)         If absence continued after parent notification, coach is permitted to report such to respective league directors and request approval of reduction in playing time.

3)         If such request is approved, said coach must notify the player’s parents of the outcome / decision (copy the communication to respective league directors)

4)         League directors must notify basketball director of outcome / decision.


  • Reduction in playing time will not be permitted if proper procedure is not followed.


Violation of Participation Rule


GAA Basketball is recreational basketball, and we require all player’s participation. Winning a game at all cost is not the vision of GAA Basketball, and fun, learning and healthy competitive basketball is #1 priority.


The rule is set forth to provide team’s greater flexibility during the season and to allow a coach the opportunity to spread playtime throughout the game to keep all players in the flow of the game. However, every coach is expected to provide amicable playtime to all players.


In the event of violating the participation rule, following disciplinary action may be taken by GAA Basketball Board.


1st Violation:     -           Warning

2nd Violation:  -             Coach will be suspended for one game and required to submit a player substitution plan for all remaining games to the opposing coach and scorekeeper

3rd Violation:     -           Dismissal of the coach for the remainder of season


This rule is strictly intended to protect our player’s best interest, and as recreational basketball coach, GAA Basketball requires all coach to adhere to the rule and play fair throughout the league.


Reporting Incidents


If you witness of feel that your child or any player is not receiving two (2) quarters of playing time per game, you are encouraged to contact one of league directors or GAA Basketball Board members to discuss the matter. When you report the incident, please include game date/time, team, and player(s) information.


Age Specific / League Rules


Kindergarten – 1st Grade Coed

Goal Height                               8 foot

Ball Size                                     28.5”

Free Throw Line                         10 foot

Lane Violation                                        Liberal 5 seconds

3 Point FG’s                                Not allowed

Game Quarters / Time              Four (4) – 8 minute quarters

Clock Type                                Running Clock (Stopped only for Timeouts and Free Throws)

Restricted Defense                    Defenders are allowed to play half-court defense as the defenders are allowed to extend to the 3-point line.

Pressing                                     No pressing allowed.  Defenders are restricted to areas noted above. However, a team may defend a fast break in the back court or open area. 

Scoring                                       All players from each team will shoot one foul shot at halftime (after the cheerleaders have performed.) A made free throw will count as one point for that team in the official scorebook and scoreboard.  No team will be penalized for having more players in attendance and participating during any game. 

Coaches                                     The Head Coach from each team is allowed on the floor for instruction for the first half of the season.  The second half of the season will require coaches to coach from their respective bench. While coaching on the floor, coaches should not impede the flow of the game or stop play unless instructed by the official.

Foul Calls                                 Officials in this age group will only call major violations and will explain any violations called to the children on the court.


2nd – 3rd Grade Boys and Girls

Goal Height                                Girls – 8 foot 6 inches               

Boys – 9 foot

Ball Size                                     28.5”

Free Throw Line                         12 foot

Lane Violation                            Liberal 3 seconds

3 Point FG’s                               3 point shots will be recognized if the court is marked with a 3pt line. Otherwise, all baskets count as 2 points.

Game Quarters / Time              Four (4) – 8 minute quarters

Clock Type                                Start and Stop on all whistles

Restricted Defense                    Defenders are allowed to play half-court defense as the defenders are allowed to extend to the half-court line.

Pressing                                     No full-court pressing allowed at any time.  However, a team may defend a fast break in the back court or open area. 

4th – 5th Grade Boys and Girls

Goal Height                               10 foot

Ball Size                                   28.5”

Free Throw Line                        15 foot

Lane Violation                           3 seconds

3 Point FG’s                              3 point shots will be recognized if the court is marked with a 3-point line. Otherwise, all baskets count as 2 points.

Game Quarters / Time              Four (4) – 8 minute quarters

Clock Type                                Start and Stop on all whistles

Restricted Defensive Area         Restricted defensive area extends to half court

Pressing                                   Boys – Last four (4) minutes of the game and OT

                                                Girls – Last two (2) minutes of the game and OT

If a team is leading by 15+ points, the defense must remain behind half court and extended to the sidelines. However, a team may defend a fast break in the back court or open area. 

6th – 12th Grade Boys and 6th – 8th Grade Girls

Goal Height                                10 foot

Ball Size                                     Girls - 28.5”

Boys - 29.5”

Free Throw Line                         15 foot

             Lane Violation                            3 seconds

Three Point FG’s                        3 point shots will be recognized if the court marked with a 3pt line. Otherwise, all baskets count as 2 points.    

Game Quarters / Time              Four (4) – 8 minute quarters   

Clock Type                                Start and Stop on all whistles    

Pressing                                    Boys - Full-court pressing is allowed the entire game

                                                              Girls – Full-court pressing is allowed the entire game.

If a team is leading by 15+ points, the defense must remain behind the half court line.

 Facility Rules

GAA Basketball rents the participating gyms from the Gwinnett County Schools and each individual school reserves the right to revoke our rental contract if certain rules are not followed.  The following rules are mandatory and must be adhered to at any GAA Basketball practice, game or function:

  • No smoking in or around the gym area
  • No chewing gum in the gym
  • Only WATER allowed in the gym – NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE GYM
  • No foul language
  • No climbing on or destruction of the gym property
  • No dunking or hanging on rims or nets at any gym
  • No Heeley’s or Roller Shoes permitted in the gym
  • GYM Attendants have FINAL AUTHORITY

ALL GAA Board members, coaches and officials have the authority to enforce these gym rules.

Official Scorekeeper & Bookkeeper Duties

Each participating team must have a representative available to keep the scorebook and clock/scoreboard. The home team shall be responsible for the scorebook, and the visiting

(away) team shall be responsible for keeping the clock/scoreboard. These volunteer positions must remain mutual during the entire game. Cheering and encouragement to your child or your child’s team may be allowed, however, all official scores, individual fouls, team fouls, scoreboard must be kept by the book. These positions are considered part of officiating crew, and must remain on mutual stance.


No person other than the official scorekeeper and bookkeeper, officials, and GAA Board Members are permitted to sit at the scorer’s table during a game.


The scorebook will be used as the official record for every game and must be kept with accuracy. In the event of any discrepancy, the scorebook overrules the scoreboard. The officials for the game in question will review the official scorebook and sign the official scorecard. It is recommended that the clock operator and the scorekeeper periodically check to make sure that the score reflected on the board is the same as the running score in the book.


In occasion, scoreboard and scorebook represents discrepancy, we encourage parents NOT to approach scorer’s table or yell at scorer’s table, before they can rectify the issues on hand. Game is going on simultaneously, and scoreboard and bookkeeper cannot stop to rectify the issues right there and then. If the issues will not get resolved after a quarter, discuss the matter with your head coach, instead of approach scorer’s table individually.


Bookkeeper Responsibilities


  • Individual and team scoring / running scores
  • Individual and team fouls, both personal and technical, and alerting coaches when a player is in foul trouble.
  • Providing the official information on bonus (on 7th team foul and thereafter), and double bonus (on 10th foul and thereafter) situations.
  • Number of time outs per team.

Clock/Scoreboard Operator Responsibilities


  • Keeping track of the possession arrow as designated by the official.
  • Keeping track and displaying quarter being played.
  • Keeping track and correctly displaying running score as designated by the official.
  • Keeping track of the time as indicated by the official and in accordance with the age division rules.