GAA Basketball FAQS


The cost to participate this season will be $200.

Cost Includes: Two (2) Atlanta Hawks tickets, Skills & Drills Training Sessions, Season Ending Award, Adidas Game Uniform, Shooting Shirt, Gym Rental Fees, Referee Cost and other operating expenses.

*** Free Registration Opportunity *** - Would you like the opportunity for your participant to receive FREE REGISTRATION??? Any family that delivers a $500.00 or greater sponsorship for the GAA Basketball Program will receive a discount code worth one (1) FREE basketball registration!!!


August 4th - October 17th 


GAA Rec League Basketball divides the athletes by age as of September 1st, 2021. We expect to have the following age divisions, however, two or more age divisions may be combined to form a league with the decision being based upon a review of the number of registrants each year:              

Coed 5/6-year-old


Girls 7/8-year-old

 Boys 7/8-year-old

Girls 9/10-year-old

 Boys 9/10-year-old

Girls 11/12-year-old

 Boys 11/12-year-old

Girls 13/14-year-old 

 Boys 13/14-year-old 



Note: Divisions may be adjusted based on participation rates. 

How do I stay informed about GAA Basketball events?

Information regarding GAA Basketball will primarily come from three sources: website, email, and your coach.  GAA Basketball information will be posted in the basketball section of the GAA Website at Mass e-mails may also be sent to parents to inform them of important events such as registrations, player evaluations, clinics, and pictures.  Please make sure to supply your e-mail address when you register your child.  If your e-mail address should change, please contact the Basketball Director at with the updated information.

You can also receive information at our Facebook page at "GAA Basketball" and Instagram page “@gaabasketball”.

What is GAA REC League Basketball?

The GAA Recreational League Basketball program is a youth basketball program operated by the Grayson Athletic Association (also known as GAA.)  The REC League Basketball Program focuses on skills development, teaching the value of teamwork, emphasizing sportsmanship and prioritizing academic excellence for all program participants.

What is Grayson Travel Basketball?

The Grayson Travel Basketball Program strives to develop GAA participants with advanced basketball skills to compete against teams from other clusters. This season, GAA will participate in the Georgia Youth Basketball Association (GYBA). These teams are designed to prepare our participants for more advanced competition in the future. Players and parents interested in participating on GYBA teams should be willing to commit to a more intense practice and game schedule than that of the GAA REC Basketball Program.

GYBA is a highly competitive middle school/feeder team league for boys and girls with advanced level skills. GYBA features teams from all over the metro Atlanta area including teams from Gwinnett, North Fulton, Forsyth, Hall and Habersham Counties. 

NOTE: Playing time is not guaranteed and is at the coach’s discretion in the GYBA Program. Athletes desiring a league where they are guaranteed playing time should register for GAA REC League Basketball.

For more information on the Grayson Travel Basketball Teams, please visit the Travel Basketball tab under Basketball.

What if my child attends a school in another School District?

If your child attends a school in another school District or any other High School Cluster, he/she is eligible to play REC League Basketball with the Grayson Athletic Association or any youth Athletic Association.

The GAA REC League Basketball Program is open to all children, with no restrictions based on school or residence.  However, the GYBA Travel League is restricted to High School Clusters; therefore, individuals wishing to play in the GYBA Travel League must play for the team of the High School Cluster in which you live or attend school.

How do I Register for REC Basketball?

Registrations can be completed on-line (Visa or Mastercard credit card only) as published on the website.  Late registrations after the cut-off date must pay a late registration fee.  Late registrations will be considered for acceptance depending on the number of registered players, the number of volunteer coaches, as well as the number of viable teams in each league.  

We will attempt to accommodate all late registrations; however, in all cases, acceptance of children registering after the cutoff date is at the sole discretion of the GAA Basketball Board.  It is our policy not to refund money after registration.  Refunds are at the sole discretion of the Basketball Director.

Players moving more than 20 miles from the park, making the high school or middle school team, or experiencing an injury prior to the start of the season that prevents that player from participation for the entire season will be permitted a refund.

When are REC League Skill Evaluations?

The REC Leagues will hold "Skill Evaluations" during the week of October 25th (check the home page for schedule when it is available.) Although all players in the REC Leagues will be placed on a team, it is required that players attend their grade levels skill evaluation. 

The goal of the GAA REC Leagues is to provide the most balanced and competitive set of teams possible in all leagues. To accomplish that goal, all players must attend and be assessed so that we can evenly distribute players of each skill level across all teams. Players not attending the skill evaluation will cause the player to go in a higher round, negatively impacting the talent and experience mix on their team.

During “Skill Evaluations” players will demonstrate their basketball ability based on pre-defined categories defined by the league director (ie. Dribbling and/or Ball Handling Skills, Shooting and/or Free Throws, Passing and Running.)

What if my athlete is trying out for Middle School or Grayson HS teams?

The final rosters for the 8th Grade and the Grayson HS Freshman, JV, and Varsity teams are typically not announced until mid-late October. If your athlete would like to play GAA REC Basketball in the event they are not selected for these teams, you have three options:

1. Register them for GAA REC Basketball by closing date in late-October. If your athlete is selected for the schools team, we will refund the registration fee in full including the $20 handling fee which is normally not refundable.

2. Walk-in the day of Skill Evaluations.  The late fee at this point goes up to $35, but you can still register to play. 

NOTE:  Athletes on the roster of a GAA Travel, MS, or Grayson HS team at any point during the season are not eligible to participate in GAA REC League Basketball.

When do practices / games begin?

Each team will be assigned a practice day/time of Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday during the season. Prior to the first game, teams will practice twice per week. Once games begin, practices will be held once per week. Games will begin the 1st weekend in December and typically be played on Thursday, Friday or Saturdays. Each team will be scheduled for eight (8) regular season games and a single elimination season ending tournament. Championship games are scheduled to take place the 2nd weekend in February. 

How many practices / games are there?

GAA REC League teams will typically have an average of 2 practices per week prior to the start of the season. After the season begins, teams will usually have two basketball events per week (consisting of practice and/or games.)  All divisions leagues will complete in a 8 game regular season. We try to avoid activities on Sundays.  

NOTE: This is dependent upon the availability of the facilities, the number of teams in each league, school closings, etc. 

Is there a Season-Ending Tournament?

At the end of the regular season, GAA will host a single-elimination tournament.  Each team will be seeded based on their regular season won-loss record.  The Tournament culminates with Championship Saturday as all Divisions conduct their Championship Game on the same day (pending facility availability).

Where are practices / games held?

Practices and games for all GAA REC League teams will be held at various facilities within a 10-mile radius of Grayson city limits. There are no guarantees that your child will practice or play games at any specific location.

What are the player participation rules?

GAA wants all players to receive adequate playing time.  All players in every age division must play a minimum of two quarters (half the game).  The exceptions to this rule of participation are as follows: (1) player is injured or becomes ill or (2) player has been disciplined by the referee or coach (pre-approved by the GAA Basketball Board).

It is difficult to enforce the playing time rules and GAA requests that each coach abide by the substitution rules set forth.  The rules have been modified to provide flexibility and allow the coach to keep all players in the flow of the game.  Failure to comply with the player participation rules will result in the coach being disciplined by the GAA Basketball Board.

Do you need volunteers?

We are in need of volunteers 16 years of age or older to assist as scorebook keepers, clock operators and photographers during game day activities beginning in December and lasting until February as well at our community pep rally. All volunteers will receive training and support throughout the season. This requires a 2-3 hour commitment for games held on Saturdays or weeknights. We will sign for all volunteer/community service hours performed. 

CLICK HERE to complete the Volunteer Application and our Volunteer Services Coordinator will be sure to contact you.

Do you need coaches?

Are you interested in becoming a Coach with our program this season??? We are officially seeking Volunteers to fulfill Head and Assistant Coaches vacancies!!! Previous coaching experience is preferred but not required as all coaches will attend the GAA Basketball Coaching Clinic as well as have the opportunity to attend the Atlanta Hawks Coaching Clinic FREE of charge!!!

CLICK HERE to complete a Coaching Application and our Boys or Girls REC Coordinator will be sure to contact you regarding the next steps in the process!