2018-19 REC Coaches Application 

GAA is now accepting coaches applications for the 2018-19 REC Basketball Season.  Please complete the following application: 


GAA REC Basketball Coaches Applications

We will begin accepting applications for GAA REC Basketball in mid- September.  


All coaches are subject to a criminal background check. Please fill out the application properly; incomplete applications may disqualify you from a coaching position. 

Please make sure you are familiar with the Coaches Commitment and Code of Conduct below.


Coaches Commitment 

I, ___________________________________, as a coach of the Grayson Athletic Association agree to adhere to

the following statements as a condition of my tenure at Bay Creek Park:

WHEREAS, I understand that I will remember that I am a youth coach, and will not allow any abusive, demeaning

or any other language that will harm a child’s self esteem.

WHEREAS, I will not tolerate any physical abuse to any child and allow it to go unreported.

WHEREAS, I will instill in my players good sportsmanship, citizenship and respect for others, including players and

coaches of opposing teams and officials, on and off the field.

WHEREAS, I will remember that coaching at G.A.A. is a privilege, not a right, and should be taken seriously.

WHEREAS, I will remember that I make an impact on each and every athlete by my actions and spoken words. I

will also remember that the best interests of the children come first.

WHEREAS, I will make every effort to be at all practices and games.

WHEREAS, I will attend all mandatory meetings, clinics and any other related functions.

WHEREAS, I will oversee that all practices, games and related functions are free from alcohol, tobacco and

tobacco products, drugs, profanity and lewd behavior on and off the field.

WHEREAS, I will take full responsibility that each player gets his required minimum playing time.

WHEREAS, I will allow G.A.A. to do a background check on myself with regards to issues of moral turpitude and

that I will disclose any and all issues that may be construed by the board as questionable.

WHEREAS, I understand that, not only do I represent myself and/or my team, but I also represent Bay Creek

Park, its coaches, the Executive Board and others associated with the Grayson Athletic Association.

WHEREAS, I will remember that the G.A.A. rules and Bylaws and its Code of Conduct govern me. Failing to abide

by these can result in probation, suspension or expulsion from any or all G.A.A. functions.

“Members of G.A.A., including all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Board Members, Directors, Age Group
Coordinators, Officials, Parents, Spectators, and Participants shall at all times conduct themselves in
such a manner so as not to bring discredit on G.A.A. or any of its members.”
“G.A.A.’s goals include the teaching of proper skills and techniques, instructing the principle of good
sportsmanship, emphasizing physical fitness, providing an opportunity for fun and enjoyment, the
development of a teamwork attitude, promotion of pride in one’s sense of accomplishment, recognition
in one’s shortcomings, the acceptance of defeat, and the joys associated with winning. G.A.A.
recognizes that each player has a varying degree of skill, and that participation should be fun, but that
the values of persistence and hard work are to be emphasized.”
“It should always be realized by all adults associated with G.A.A. that its programs are designed as a
recreational outlet solely for the enjoyment of youngsters. It is not intended as a hobby for adults
seeking to inflate egos or to live vicariously through the child. G.A.A.’s intent is also not to produce
future professional baseball players. G.A.A.’s emphasis is on participation rather than on perfection.
Derisive conduct by spectators or coaches, including without limitation outbursts that demean or
belittle the players or those officiating the game, has no place in G.A.A.’s program and will not be
“All who are associated with G.A.A., including Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Board Members, Directors,
Age Group Coordinators, Officials, Parents, Spectators, and Participants hereby agree that such goals
constitute the Code of Conduct of G.A.A. and understand that actions of contravention of this Code of
Conduct may in the sole discretion of G.A.A. Board of Directors, constitute grounds for suspension or
expulsion of the Coache, Assistant Coache, Board Member, Director, Age Group Coordinator, Official,
Parent(s), Spectators, and Participants.”



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